29 Breathtaking U Shaped Kitchen With Island

U Shaped Kitchen With Island

If your home has a U Shaped Kitchen With Island you’re fortunate because it’s one of the best layouts. Even if are working with a small space, you’re probably in better shape than you think. 10 to 18 feet wide is optimal because once you go beyond that it becomes cumbersome to walk from wall to wall.

Have a look at the kitchen layout below. Typically you’ll want the refrigerator, sink, and stove on opposite walls in an efficient work triangle. The U Shaped Kitchen With Island lends itself perfectly to that until it gets too large. Once that happens you have a longer walk to get from station to station.


At that point, you may want to consider getting an island to get a large working countertop within easy reach and working with your architect or designer to figure out the best layout possible.

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Over the next 3 pages, we have 121 U-shaped kitchens for you. On the second page are all of the small ones and on the third page are only ones that have a peninsula.

U Shaped Kitchen With Island

U Shaped Kitchen With Island

This country setting makes me hungry for a home-cooked meal.

U Shaped Kitchen With Island

Large open spaces make for a long walk between appliances. src

U Shaped Kitchen With Island

The fridge is panelled to blend into the cabinetry. src

U Shaped Kitchen With Island

Calacatta Lasa marble countertops.

U Shaped Kitchen With Island

Good looking stainless steel counters in this modern offering.

U Shaped Kitchen With Island

Who couldn’t use a wine chiller? I also like the countertop choice.

U Shaped Kitchen With Island

So fantastically country. src

U Shaped Kitchen With Island

So rustic! U Shaped Kitchen With Island

U Shaped Kitchen With Island

Shaker style doors are very hot right now. You can probably thank craftsman style for becoming so trendy for that.

U Shaped Kitchen With Island

I’m lusting after having enough space for two islands and all those granite countertops. Not terribly efficient though.

U Shaped Kitchen With Island

While the kitchen is fantastic the view is even better.

U Shaped Kitchen With Island

The brickwork is fantastic and pays homage to the colonial days.

U Shaped Kitchen With Island

There is a lot movement in that slab of granite and it’s even more pronounced by using lots and lots of light.

U Shaped Kitchen With Island

See how a large U-shape can be inefficient. The refrigerator is so far away it couldn’t even make the picture.

U Shaped Kitchen With Island

Yawn… So much white and so much boring.

U Shaped Kitchen With Island

Looks like something out of a magazine.

U Shaped Kitchen With Island

Fancy oil rubber bronze hardware. It’s pricey but it’s a great look. src

U Shaped Kitchen With Island

This is a blend of contemporary and craftsman so we should call it eclectic.

U Shaped Kitchen With Island

High functioning with lot’s of storage. Looks like granite countertops on the U but quartz on the island. Interesting choice.

U Shaped Kitchen With Island

I love the cabinets but wood flooring in the kitchen is a going to get damaged quickly. It’s too much wood for my taste anyway.

U Shaped Kitchen With Island

Very light and bright. If you have the wall space sacrificing a few upper cabinets for windows will brighten up the kitchen making it feel larger.

U Shaped Kitchen With Island

That’s a good way to get the wine out of the way while keeping keep it easy to get to. It’s a creative use of under utilized space.


The textures in this u-shaped kitchen work well together. I especially like the counter.


This room is so brown even the stainless appliances are starting to look brown too.


The eye is drawn outside. I hope one of those windows is a door.


Those super small divided lites high up on the far wall look out of place.


Generally bead board is overused but blue works.


Ceiling? Someone has some Mediterranean tastes.


These faucets make cleaning easier.


Tuscan. Love it!


That light butcher block in the center of the room helps offset the rest of the dark wood.

U Shaped Kitchen With Island

The island looks much larger than it really is because of the lens used to take the picture.


I need double wall ovens of my own. I’m constantly lusting after them.


Side by side double ovens? That’s different, but this is a modern kitchen.


Why are the knives on a magnetic strip next to the cooktop? You’re going to use those at the countertop, not the stove. Why would I want to walk across the kitchen to get to them?


I like how the lights match the pears.


This belongs in a castle.


Keeping it simple. Perfect for a home up in the mountains.


Check out the movement in that granite.


oooohhh That floor. Do you like it? Me neither…


Water views and wide plank flooring. I’m so jealous. The countertops make an interesting statement.


This u-shaped kitchen is deceptively complicated. The paint, skylights, divided lites, I could go on.


You’ll need a ladder to get to upper cabinets. Good thing they are designed to show off cool stuff and not for storage.


The busy backsplash works because it matches the wood tones perfectly.


See the overhang on the island. You might want to consider one like this especially if you have kids that could run or fall head first into a sharp corner.


If it’s as large as it looks they paid a ton on structure to eliminate the wall and columns for this open concept.


I hate it. I’m sorry. I just do.


This style is growing on me but it’s not for my home just yet. I’m afraid that I won’t like it anymore in 10 years.


Brick and exposed beams. I’d like to see the rest of this place.


Note the completely different color cabinets in this kitchen.


Really nice exposed post and beam construction.


meh. Just meh. This might work in a bathroom except for that wood flooring.


Something is overpowering the rest of the space. I’m sure you already figured that out.


I’m on the fence but leaning towards nay .


A little over done for my taste.


More of the same. I’m so negative right now.


Too much white. While I understand that’s the style right now we’ve gone too far here.


Total man kitchen. Not a feminine feature to be seen. I’m not sure what to make of the hood over the cooktop.


Again, that’s a lot of white. Can we cool it with this already?


At least is has some color but I still don’t like it. I hope I find one I like soon, it has been awhile.


Getting better. I like the bold brown that ties in with the flooring.


Getting warmer.


I’m a fan of the casual eating area for the family.


Super sleek.


The floor? I never seem to like this pattern.


A professional chef must live here.


You’ll need a big space to pull off light fixtures like those. This U-shaped kitchen has the room, that’s for sure.


Who needs coffee in the morning. This kitchen is so bright you couldn’t possibly feel energetic when you’re in it.


Purple? It’s my second favorite. Although the two different countertops in here don’t match at all.


I enjoy good contrast which they have here in this kitchen.


Very dark but there’s a lot of lighting to brighten it up. Don’t try this is a small room.


Having to walk around an island to get from my sink to my refrigerator would drive me crazy.

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