37 Amazing Modern Home Designs Ideas

Modern Home Design

Modern Home Design

Do you know which are the latest trends in modern architecture? The first two key keywords to remember are “minimalism” and “sustainability”. The widespread use of glass is also very popular and ensures a better connection within the building and with the outside environment. In this context, the striving to create gardens in the interior and in other unusual places can also be understood. In order to maintain the seamless look and still make the building look individual, the monochrome color palette and the variety of textures are also used. We want to show how all these modern trends apply to Modern Home Designs using the next 37 examples.

The modern facade design corresponds to the environment

Modern Home Designs

The modern facade design is based on the surroundings

In modern architecture, everything starts with the choice of location. It determines the character of the building to a much greater extent than ever before. The opportunity to enjoy the beautiful surroundings, whether it is a natural landscape or a spectacular cityscape, is a top priority for most house residents.

This continues to be a key factor in buying real estate. It is precisely for this reason that the modern facades are designed in such a way that they harmonize with a pleasant environment out there and, if possible, create a smooth transition to it.

Architects achieve a seamless look with straight lines

Modern Home Designs

The balance between elegance, style, and functionality

The 20th century is characterized by experiments in modern architecture. Within the different stylistic directions, we are dealing with a large number of different extravagant solutions. A lot has been learned from this and one of the most important conclusions is that the traditional motto “The truth lies in the middle” applies to modern architecture. The modern facade design, like every other aspect of the building, must combine the elegance, the preferred architectural style, and the functional use in an optimal way. This is the only way to really feel at home and to invite others to your home.

The glass on modern facades connects us to the environment

Modern Home Designs

Beautify the environment

As already mentioned, modern architecture tries to take the best of the surroundings. But in line with the most modern trends, this also applies in the opposite direction. With every building, modern residents and architects try to beautify our surroundings. In this way, a beautiful building not only turns a house or apartment into a bastion of peace and comfort. Rather, you open up to the outside and contribute to the harmony in the community in which you live.

The creative modern facade design always has some practical function

Modern Home Designs

What does that mean in concrete terms? Of course, that depends very much on the location. In a traditional district, one usually selects a minimalist design language, which is enriched with stylized elements from traditional architecture. This is how you achieve a modern living style and also pay tribute to the surrounding cultural heritage. In an environment with a lot of nature, one could choose materials for the facade design that either imitate or reflect the natural landscape. This is how you contribute to the more intense pleasant experience.

This modern building is beautifully inscribed in the natural environment

Modern Home Designs

The modern facade design and the different materials

The question of the materials used is one of the most involved in modern architecture. In general, we can say that the ones that lead to a seamless and neutral appearance are the most popular. However, wood and natural stone are still widely used. This can probably be combined with the tendency just described to adapt to the environment.

Modern facade designs hardly change the natural landscape

Modern Home Designs

If you look at the modern facade design in general, you see a variety of solutions, which can be confusing at times. Nevertheless, some tendencies have to be defined very clearly, as was clear from what was said in today’s article. The explanation of this phenomenon is that modern architecture is understood as a reaction to the individual needs of the residents and they’re striving to live in harmony with other people. This results in the individual design language of the different buildings, which, however, show enough similarities to create a great common picture.

The combination of glass and metal creates great mirror effects

Modern Home Designs


Modern facade designs are an interpretation of traditional southern architecture

Modern Home Designs


Textiles also become part of the design of glass facades

Modern Home Designs


In the middle of nature, you can afford an open facade design.

Modern Home Designs


In this way, a dream house becomes an integral part of nature

Modern Home Designs


The balance between openness and private space protection is one of the most difficult challenges in architecture

06 The best exterior house design ideas Architecture Beast 02

Thanks to interesting textures, the monochrome modern facades look particularly interesting

Modern desert house designed for enjoyable desert living Architecture Beast 04 min

Modern facade designs very often enchant with great mirror effects

image asset

01 LV House Luxury Residence Madrid Spain

The elegant shape should not only look beautiful and make the most of the surroundings

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Top 50 Modern House Designs Ever Built featured on architecture beast 25

Glass and wood are a suitable combination for places with a lot of nature


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Brown and white is a universal color combination in modern architecture

Modern dream home in italy on world of architecture 02

perlas del mar san pedro marbella4

Modern facades with wooden cladding make the environment more comfortable


01 Annex House Rear day photography by Bob Gundu scaled

The lighting at night makes facades super effective

01 House H Luxury Residence Madrid Spain

07 The best exterior house design ideas Architecture Beast 02

How Difficult is Modern Home Design ?

Modern home design is actually quite simple, just pay attention to the angle. What is meant here is the angular shape of the house that has an angle like a cube or a beam. In order to form a cube, you also need to build a flat roof to optimize your modern design. If you want to combine it with a minimalist design, you can also use a regular roof.

Modern home design

House exterior coloring is not too difficult either. Many color models can be used, but the most fitting and integrated with the design are monochrome or black and white. This color was also chosen because of its simple and not so fancy impression.

Modern home design

The exterior of the house can also use lots of glass windows because this is significantly what distinguishes modern homes from the others. You can also replace one part of the wall with glass. In addition, the glass can also function so that your house looks more spacious and sufficient lighting. Add lights inside to make your modern home look cool and light yellow.

Modern home design

You can also add a garden in front of the house. Modern gardens do not use many plants as their contents, but rather stones and cement with a few plants, also equipped with yellow garden lights. You can also add a minimalist fish pond, but this is rarely used. You may also add a relaxing seat on your patio or garden, but still pay attention to the area of ​​your garden, if it is not enough do not be forced.

Modern home design

You also do not need to use a fence in your home, but still pay attention to the security of your home. However, if indeed you want a fence built, you can choose a fence that is not too high and a simple model. Easy enough right, Hopefully useful.


Modern home design


Modern home design

modern home design


Environment Architects modern home designs
Perched on a woodland bluff overlooking Lake Michigan, this home, designed in collaboration with Environment Architects (AOR) of Traverse City, MI, is an assemblage of three offset structures that play off each other— the ‘gathering’ structure contains the living room, kitchen, and a covered ‘vista’ seating terrace; the two ‘sleeping’ structures house the master bedroom suite and three children’s bedrooms. A dining area breezeway connects all three structures.


SAOTA’s Hillside Home Designs
SAOTA’s Hillside home in Los Angles is located immediately above Sunset Boulevard on a promontory just one over from Pierre Koenig’s landmark Stahl House modern Home Designs.


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