13 Best Japanese Interior Design [Key Characteristics]

Japanese Interior Design

Japanese interior design and their homes are seen as one of the greatest examples of simplicity in the world today. Apart from its perfect beauty, its interior design is also known for its masterful arrangement of simplicity.

They strongly believe in the integration of nature and the importance of home. According to their beliefs, the world of beauty starts in the home, and therefore, too long for beauty is too long for home.

The Japanese are devoted to creating homes with interior design that radiate natural beauty – a relaxed, simple approach to design that deals calm and peace from the hectic world outside.

japanese style living room

Key Characteristics of Modern Japanese Interior Design

Here are some of the key characteristics of modern Japanese interior design for the home:

1. Lightweight

Lightness’ in this situation can be taken both literally and figuratively. natural light is a resource of their power. lighting is heavily related to the nation’s emotions and scarcity of natural resources, especially after World War II.

House in Yamasaki, interior design by Tato.

House in Yamasaki
House in Yamasaki

2. Natural Materials

Japanese believe that materials have a soul. They ‘amaze and delight’ if you know how to study them, question them, and listen to them. You will find the use of natural materials throughout a Japanese home, from framing architectural features.

The workable benefits of constructing with natural materials are also important to note – Japan has to import many of its raw materials and has little land available for disposal of waste. open Their relationship with ecological materials is evident.

Japanese Natural interior


3. Soaking Tubs Are Important in Japanese Interior Design:

Japanese soaking tubs are small deep tubs, usually have some bench seats. These tubs are becoming an Eastern trend that many health-conscious homeowners are flocking. Turn your bathroom into a progressive escape by adding one of these soaking-style tubs. It is the ultimate way to have East meet West. Create a spa-like environment in your home.

Soaking Tub Japanese Interior Design


4. Elements of Wood and Bamboo in Japanese Interior Design

One of the best ways to harmonize with nature is to add natural wooden elements. Japanese culture is known for using wooden elements throughout their house. Walls, doors, screen grids, and frames are all made of normal wood.

Bamboo is also a popular wood used for decorative purposes. The texture of the wood can be seen everywhere in a Japanese home. You will love the serene calming effect.

Wood and Bamboo in Japanese Interior Design

5. Japanese Style Furniture this design aesthetic can be as simple as

incorporating low to the ground furniture into our homes, such as the simple side tables and bed frame featured in the image below. Or we could be more authentic by surrounding a low plank table with floor cushions.

Whether you want more of an East meets West design. You want to be authentic Japanese style furniture can easily be combined into your home.


6. Popular Colors in Japanese Design

Japanese homes typically contain simple colors from nature. The main colors are derived from the browns of wooden elements, and the greens of plants.

Simplicity is the key to choose your color palette to save our environment. Look outside your windows to see natural color elements.

Colors in Japanese Design

7. Very few or No walls in Japanese Interior design

Japan carries on minimalistic projects inner walls and construction in general. Fusuma are sliding panels. They work like doors and walls. These sliding panels made out of bamboo bars and rice paper.

No walls in Japanese Interior design

8. White Color

Our world is a spread of most imaginative colours, but when it comes to white colour means free from colourful things, then it’s the most delicate.

Japanese people love the white colour, they consider it a symbol of purity and emptiness. White-coloured Japanese Interior design room.

White Color

9. Genkan

Architects said Genkan is the Japanese entryway. that is a way to call architecture. the first room in each of their house .gethering for your shoes. It’s mostly covered in stone tiles. In Gekan you don’t sit anywhere. It is a standing and waiting area for guests at the same time. They are in most cases already prepared for you as you can see in the image below.


10. What is kanso in Japanese?

Kanso is one of the seven principles of the Zen philosophy, are found in nature. In the human character and behaviour also. All that is required is to reconnect with them. Kanso can be translated as the elimination of clutter in favour of simplicity.

The most important thing when applying kanso to daily life is to not think in terms of decoration. Japanese interiors organized according to kanso. Space is often limited. Few rooms are shared by several members of the same family and little storage space.

Add to this the factor of the constant threat of natural disasters. Makes Japan the country of impermanence.it becomes more clear that it’s best not to have too many possessions as this means there is less to lose.

kanso in japan Zen philosophy


11. How to make Japanese decorations

There are many Cool design ideas for a Japanese-style room. Here are some ideas for How to design a Japanise room- In this section in our sequence on how to live in a Japanese apartment. We give a few ideas for how to decorate and efficiently use a Japanese-style room. This is covered in tatami mats. They are extremely versatile.

1. Play with Textures, Go with Natural Colors The different textures (cinder block, tatami, wood grain, wicker) blend harmoniously.

Japanese decoration

2. Spruce up the walls, The colour scheme of most Japanese-style rooms tend to natural fries and tans.his is not your style; you can spruce things up with wall stickers.

Japanese-style rooms


12. Turn the closet into a bunk bed for your kids

Kids are clamouring for you to buy them a bunk bed, why not make them the best bunk bed ever. we know a lot of our readers live in rentals, where this won’t be possible.

bunk bed for your kids


13. How to Decorate a Japanese Bedroom?

In this atmosphere, I will show you some awesome Japanese bedrooms pictures and Japanese style house. This called also modern Japanese furniture. This way, you see Japanese style furniture, you can have an idea of how to decorate a beautiful bedroom simply and Japanese style.

In the Japanese culture give great importance to relaxation that called Japanese styled furniture. They believe resting your body is the key to have a successful life. The keys to Japanese decor furniture in a bedroom are to use the space wisely.

Japanise kitchen also decorated, leave space to walk and keep it simple. Hope you got inspired but if you still need more room decor ideas. Check out this inspirational article there are many modern Japanese home decor.

How to decorate a Japanise bad room?

How to Decorate a Japanese Bedroom? Bedroom in Japanese style Blending the wooden floor and red wall 909x606 1


The western world was share with the new Japanese style of traditional Japanese design. The key power in Japanese interior design is minimalism. Focus on creating a “Zen” interior – a concept known as “Ma”.

With this concept, the aim is to strike the perfect balance between available space that can be used on one side and furniture. Ma is all about clear, uncluttered spaces that help in creating comfortable homes for the inhabitants as well as visitors.

Simple touches can help you create the clean. Tranquil interiors Japanese homes are famous for. It would help if you considered, it comes to Japanese interior designs pace, lines, form, and materials are a few of the essential elements that.

The style creates more space and brings harmony between the different aspects by keeping décor to a minimum. If you want to create a japan living room interior space with minimalist elegance, you should add Japanese style. You will be more than happy with the result and natural light.they are our inspiration.


Here is some furniture you can buy to decorate your japanise room.

Linon Home Décor Shipley Rustic Brown Coffee Table

Japanise Style Brown Coffee Table

Zinus Jamie Espresso Wood Coffee Tabl

Zinus Jamie Espresso Wood Coffee Tabl

Roundhill Furniture Black Japanese 4-Panel Screen Room Divider, Plum Blossom

Roundhill Furniture Black Japanese 4-Panel Screen Room Divider.


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