6 Beautiful fresh ideas for interior decoration

interior decoration

Lovely houseplants – Apartment design in keeping with nature

In the flowering season of flowers, we think it is not bad to convey the harmony and freshness of the home; sometimes you need more color and excitement in your contemporary home.



Flowers definitely help to realize this. Not only can the park be colorful and charming, but also it’s home. And this is necessary, so that the cheerful atmosphere which is the cause of the beautiful nature of each, corresponds to the interior decoration. In this article, we are going to focus on some of the beautiful houseplants whose presence in the apartment creates charm.

Peperomia is an elegant choice if you want to decorate your home with a houseplant

beautiful interior decoration peperomia ideas living room decor


A leaf can cover the interior, as it has an unusual view

indoor plants Aphelandra squarrosa single leaf

With some houseplants, you add not only beauty and attractiveness to interior design, but also a beautiful scent. Among the many indoor plants, one can find the one that is best suited for the design that is trying to be spice. The beauty of the indoor plants cannot be underestimated, you can touch a new touch to the apartment without much effort. It is necessary that you only care about them. The decoration effect is even greater if you decide on a houseplant that will bloom.

one lane

At work or at home, this houseplant is perfect for refreshing the atmosphere. Paper is not like direct sunlight, it grows better in dark places in the room. A single sheet requires a bit of attention on your part. You can enjoy beautiful white flowers for a long time, as they are very durable.

To put a flower pot next to the fruit bowl is a fresh decoration idea that brings the environment closer

indoor plants einblatt dekoideen plants


The leaves in the window are a beautiful window deco

home deco beautiful home deco ideas at home

The single leaf flowers are white and elegant

beautiful indoor plants cut off single leaves of white flowers

A single sheet makes the air cleaner

beautiful indoor plants deco the idea of ​​a clean air leaf

Glamor – Aphelandra squarrosa

The Glanzkölbchen is another blooming houseplant that delivers beauty to the interior. The flowers are yellow and beautiful and make the room look more colorful. The leaves of these plants are also very interesting because they melt well.

Shiny cup (Aphelandra squarrosa)

beautiful indoor plants cheat garden plants

The blooms of Glanzkölbchen are amazing and beautiful

The shiny turtles are pretty shiny yellow flowers

 The combination of striped leaves and delightful flowers makes the plant look exotic

Glanzkölbchen beautiful home plants adorn the home decor


This is a small, popular, heavy houseplant. It’s impressive with its amazing leaves. That is why they prefer to be attractive and fresh in the office or at home.

Peperomia in flower pots decorate the workplace

beautiful indoor plants of white flowering workflowers


Croton plants have large leaves in different colors, which makes them very attractive. Green, pink, red, yellow and orange can be seen on their leaves in interesting combinations. It’s hard to take care of this plant. He needs at least 4 hours of direct light daily. Wind and high temperatures do not affect plant growth. And the soil should not be too dry or too moist until the leaves do not fall.

The skull mill is an interesting plant

beautiful indoor plants ideas plant deco plants

Croton’s factory in the shades of the earth

indoor plants elegant croton plants home decor

Leaves in fresh color

beautiful indoor plants of croton-colored leaves

Beautiful color palettes for just one person

beautiful indoor plants attract leaf dye

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